Ways to Put God First in Your Life

If you decide that you are going on choosing God first in your life, you choose to have peace in your life. If you know that God directs your life, it saves you from unimportant worries. What does it mean to put Him first in your life? When people get so caught up in the worldly things that we lose focus on what truly matters. The Seven Fs to a Fruitful Life by Roslynn Bryant will help you have the motivation to go through life that God has prepared for you. This book will provide you with the right energy and power to be productive with the right spiritual insights. It is a book that discusses how to live the life that God has laid out for you.

It is common to hear Christians say that they are putting God first, and no matter how cliche, there’s nothing trite about it. Doing this will help your soul prosper with joy. Hence, while you are living that life, you have to maintain Him in the center, putting him first in everything that we do to succeed in life. This article will give you insights on making it a habit on how you can put Him first in your life.

Submit Your Self to Him

Truth be told, it can be a challenging thing to do to submit yourself to God. But there are many simple ways in which you can hone this factor. One way to submit is through having moral values in life. You can practice it every day. In fact, you probably have been practicing it ever since. Start by practicing obedience. It is the act of obeying specific rules and regulations. The bible teaches Christians this attribute very clearly by calling them to submit to Him through loving obedience to all His commands.

Ask for Guidance from Him

This one is always a must in the process of practicing to put God first. As you do your thing every day, you have to ask Him to lead you to the right path. Subsequently, trust him that he will guide you. You may feel like you have the power to control everything that happens in your life; however, you cannot venture into the world without the King. You have access to ask for guidance from him anytime. He is there, waiting for you.

Learn more about Him

There are times when people seek answers to their deep-seated questions. Most of the time, the answers are always found in the Bible. Reading the Bible helps you understand God more, making you more like Him and doing all His works. This is the most effective way to establish a close and strong relationship with God. Thus, you have to learn the scriptures well. Once you have mastered it very well, you will not only benefit yourself but also others by sharing the wisdom with them.

Worship Him with All Your Heart

God deserves all the praise in this world. Worship him both privately and publicly. It creates a bond between you and God. There are quite a lot of ways in which you can glorify and honor him, first, through your prayers. Before saying thank you, asking for forgiveness, asking for guidance, you should praise and worship Him first. This will remind you how divine and gracious God is. When you are worshiping Him, you are inviting Him to join you in your journey. You can also find tranquility inside you once you do it. It means it can better you spiritually and mentally.

Be of Service to Him

Being of service to God means you have to be of service to others who need it. Serving God is showing your love for Him. As Jesus Christ taught the people, loving your neighbors is loving God with all you have. You can do this in your own little ways. You can do it by helping others as much as you can. Whether it be giving food to those who are hungry or giving assistance to those who need it, it is enough. You can build this attribute as you go through life. Taking tiny steps is okay.

In conclusion, putting God first is the only ticket to having peace of mind while you strive to achieve your life goals. This binds you closer to Him and helps you have a better relationship with Him. If you want to know more about this aspect, you can check out Roslynn Bryant’s literary works. Her books will give you better ways as you go through your journey with Christ.


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