The Seven Fs to a Fruitful Life

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than what you are living? Has the daily routine of life brought you to a place of displeasure and discouragement? Moreover, do the cares of life and their responsibilities overwhelm you and deter you from reaching your greatest potential? It is for these questions and more that this book, The Seven Fs to a Fruitful Life was written, being inspired by God.

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“Roslynn Bryant skillfully takes us through 7 steps to maintaining our walk with Christ. She does this by first admonishing the believer to examine their Faith and convictions, along with their relationships with Family and Friends. The author then moves to more delicate issues, that of our Finances and our Fitness, here she gives sound, simple Biblical instruction and advise. The closing part of this book challenges the believer to establish, and execute a plan of action. This is achieved by first reviewing our Focus and what we put our energy into and secondly, the necessity of having a structured path toward our Future and achieving our goals. Overall, this book is not a waste of ink, it is short and right to the point, it contains sound "wisdom" for the Believer. If your New Member's Class does not have an exit plan, this book is EXCELLENT as a graduation present for new Disciples. I found The ‘7 F's’ to be a type of anchor rooted in the Word of God, keeping every Believer from drifting as we navigate through life. GREAT WORK!!!!”

Aluv4musiq, Amazon customer

CBS Radio Interview with Benji Cole


Roslynn Bryant is an ordained minister and serves as an assistant to her father, Pastor Thomas F. Bryant Jr., at the New Beth-El Baptist Church in Queens Village, New York.

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Fulfill the Purpose that God Has Given Us

Fulfill the Purpose that God Has Given Us

We all have a purpose; something destined by God for our lives. Yet to fulfill our purpose, we need to be rooted and grounded in our Faith. When we live as His committed followers of Christ, we can walk in our purpose for we will have the Lord Jesus as our...

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