First, what is a goal? Here are some definitions:

Goals are needed to answer certain questions such as where do you see yourself in six months or a year? What do you expect to be doing five years from now? What accomplishments will let you know that you have been fruitful with your time?

If you want to track the progress you have made in your life as it pertains to certain accomplishments, setting and reaching goals are key. For goals are indicators that will show our progress in life. Setting goals whether personal, spiritual, or career-related, is the blueprint for building and living an organized, balanced, and fruitful life.

Goals give you direction and help you translate your intentions for the future into specific tasks and activities. Without goals, you are subject to move off course in an unfruitful direction: wasting time, resources, and effort. This is why goals are important for they keep you on track.

Goals should be specific. You need to be detailed with what you want to achieve in the future and why you want it. The motivation behind the goal is just as important as the goal itself.  Why you want to achieve a particular goal is key to maintaining your determination to obtain it.  The greater the desire is for the goal, the greater the determination is to reach the goal.  Also, when you evaluate your motives, it weeds out goals that are self-serving and possibly damaging to you or others.  

Goal setting can be fulfilling and rewarding but it is also challenging and time-requiring. Setting goals you can achieve requires good judgment and a careful and thorough assessment of your abilities and resources.

What is the process of reaching our goals?

First, receiving a vision from God for your life or understanding God’s purpose for your life lays the foundation. Everyone has a purpose yet there are those whom God has given a vision.  For example, God gave Noah a vision of an ark to maintain life on the earth. God gave Noah’s sons the purpose of assisting their father in building the ark and collecting the animals.  As you spend time in prayer, you will hear from God about His vision or purpose for your life.  Second, you are to prayerfully put in place short-term goals and long-term goals that match your God-given vision or purpose.  Third, you need a plan of action that will lead to reaching your goals. This plan needs to be concrete and feasible. Fourth, you need to work the plan. Remove distractions, do not procrastinate, work efficiently, and stay focus always depending on God to strengthen you to reach your goal.  And remember the five Ps to success: Prayer Plus Preparation equals Productivity yet always give God the Praise.  

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