The importance of being focused

Being focused can improve your overall quality of life.  It helps you to better manage your life’s responsibilities and activities, fulfill your goals, and achieve success. When your mental focus is stable, you become more productive. You are able to accomplish your tasks and activities with greater efficiency. You can respond effectively to challenges that may arise.  Aside from being flexible and adaptable to challenging situations, staying focused helps you to remain positive and confident. You refuse to dwell on the negative aspects but instead you choose to look at the opportunities that a difficult situation might offer. Your problem-solving skills are enhanced as you concentrate on finding the solution rather than dwelling on the problem. When you are focused on achieving your goal, you remain calm and apply the necessary steps to arrive at a solution to the problem or challenges you encounter.

What are distractions?

A distraction is an interference or diversion.  Distractions in any form – whether the Internet, things that you like, or other people – divert you from your goals and make it difficult for you to complete your tasks. When you become sidetracked, the distraction has completely diverted your attention away from accomplishing your goals. Therefore, it is important to minimize the distractions in your life.

How to minimize life’s distractions?

Here are some tips of how you can minimize distractions in your life – and increase your focus:

Switch off your devices. Technology can be highly addictive and time-consuming, especially when it comes to surfing social media or taking additional calls during work hours or family time. Make sure to turn off your notifications, log out of social media, and put your device in silent mode (and even stow them away). Surf the web only when you have free time, at lunch, or after work.

Plan your day. Before you go to sleep, it is a good idea to plan the next day’s activities, be it work, family, or leisure. Make a to-do list of manageable activities to make better use of your time and become more productive. Prioritize your activities. Get the smaller ones done first before you focus on the more complex or strenuous tasks. This way, you will see greater progress and productivity and will be encouraged that you are being fruitful with your time and effort.

Set aside some time. It is also important that you schedule a time to handle certain tasks and activities that you like to do so that they do not become distractions later.  Set a particular time during the day when you will check your personal emails, surf the web or social media, and make personal phone calls. You can perhaps choose a time when your main activities and responsibilities naturally slow down for you. This way, you can focus on your necessary tasks without completely cutting out the things you enjoy.  

Once you have minimized the distractions in your life, you can stay focused on achieving your goals.

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